The Door to Happiness, Thoughtfully Curated

What comes to mind when you think about the word “curate?” A museum? A collector? A priest? To “curate” stems from the noun, “curator,” which dates to the 14th century. Believe it or not, “curate” in verb form didn’t appear until the second half of the 19th century. And since then, both parts of speech have evolved in their meaning and use. Today, the verb “to curate” generally refers to the thoughtful collection, organization, or arrangement of something. We often think about the act of curating artwork in a museum or as a part of a private collection. The idea of curation has recently expanded in scope, and now references not only what we have, but how we dress and what we read. So, when you think about it, anyone can curate. But why should you?

The Door to Happiness, Thoughtfully Curated2022-12-29T11:49:34-05:00

Changing Leaves, Hidden Treasure

Changing seasons offer a time for reflection and introspection. What do I want to do more of? Where do I want to invest my time? What matters to me? Changing of the seasons also means the chance to change up our everyday setup, whether it is the addition of a new piece or simply switching around what we already have. And we can't forget all the cozy blankets, fall-scented candles, and pumpkins galore.

Changing Leaves, Hidden Treasure2022-12-29T11:52:15-05:00

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