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Vintage Moroccan Berber Rug, 8’6″ x 5’9″


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A vintage Moroccan Berber Beni M'Guild carpet from the Central Atlas mountains, the wool dyes faded to soft beautiful colors. Beni M'guild pieces typically feature geometric designs with a predominant red/reddish-pink. natural or brown background. Still woven by tribeswomen, but on a vertical loom rather than by hand, these rugs originate from the far western part of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

8'6" x 5'9"

Blending the graphic appeal and folk-art warmth of Berber tribal symbols rendered in vibrant colors, this Moroccan rug represents the creative and archaic spirit of tribal art. The hints of dyes that make their way into the rugs motifs and fringes have their own tale to tell. In Berber culture, the color red symbolizes strength and protection, blue symbolizes wisdom, yellow represents eternity and green stands for peace. While the patterns may seem whimsical and random, they are very significant to the rug weaver"s life. The Berber Tribe women incorporate ancient talisman symbols referencing nature, birth, marriage, fertility, family life and spirituality. Some believed the rugs ward off evil spirits so they incorporated symbolic designs such as diamonds and lucky charms to ward off the evil spirits and bring luck, prosperity and protection.

Found in Morocco
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